Profile of Jan Dale

Jan Dale
Senior Engineer | Principal

Jan leads a diverse global team of professionals who oversee our microclimate and snow service areas. His technical knowledge and extensive project experience make him an asset not only to our clients, but to our in-house research and development work. Although Jan’s current technical focus is on snow services, including drifting and falling snow, many of our clients’ projects have also been enhanced by Jan’s proficiency in wind tunnel development, cladding wind loading and structural wind loading. An established leader in the microclimate field, Jan trains and coaches every member of his team to push the boundaries of our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

An experienced engineer advancing the science behind our microclimate and snow services


    • Master of Engineering Science (Civil Engineering), University of Western Ontario, Canada
    • Bachelor of Engineering Science (Civil Engineering), University of Western Ontario, Canada

    • Professional Engineer, Ontario
    • Frequent presenter at technical conferences
    • Presenter on snow drifting and falling ice and snow in RWDI Learning Lab webinars

    • Bridge and aeroelastic services - cladding wind loading
    • Falling ice and snow
    • Microclimate
    • Pedestrian wind studies
    • Snow drifting
    • Snow loading
    • Structural wind loading
    • Wind tunnel development