Profile of Eric Li

Li E
Eric Li
Building Flow Simulation Scientist

Eric advises diverse professionals—master planners, architects and engineers—on the interactions between building design and the built environment. His contributions help to optimize the safety, comfort and energy efficiency of structures and neighbourhoods alike. Eric brings to his work at RWDI an impressive background as a research scientist trained at the University of Toronto’s highly respected aerospace engineering program. Our clients benefit from his remarkable depth of technical knowledge, and in particular his ability to apply sophisticated principles of fluid dynamics and heat transfer to complex building challenges.

An talented scientist with rare depth of technical knowledge in fluid dynamics and heat transfer


    • Master of Applied Science (Aerospace Engineering), University of Toronto, Canada
    • Bachelor of Applied Science (Engineering Science), University of Toronto, Canada

    • Building performance
    • Climatic design
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    • Heat transfer
    • Smoke control engineering