Profile of Ender Ozkan

Ender Ozkan
Vice President Europe

Ender is one of the leading environmental and climate consultants in Europe. He manages our European operations and provides climate consulting services to designers across the UK, Europe and Central Asia. Ender’s vast project experience includes a diversity of structures, from over 400 tall towers to long-span bridges. Clients benefit from Ender’s ability to develop cost-effective holistic solutions for environmental challenges that support the integrity of architects’ and fellow engineers’ designs. In addition to his noted commercial projects, Ender frequently collaborates with researchers and planning departments on the design of climate-resilient cities.

A leader in the field of wind engineering, helping to envision the future of climate-adaptive structures


    • Doctorate, Wind Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, USA
    • Master of Science, Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, USA
    • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

    • Chartered Mechanical Engineer, United Kingdom
    • Chair, UK Wind Engineering Society
    • Numerous publications in technical journals
    • Regular presenter at industry conferences

    • Bridge aerodynamics
    • Climate-adaptive structures
    • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
    • Interdisciplinary collaboration
    • Masts
    • Pedestrian comfort
    • Stadia
    • Tall buildings
    • Thermal comfort