Profile of Emanuele Mattiello

Emanuele Mattiello
Emanuele Mattiello
Project Manager

An experienced wind engineer, Emanuele works with our team to study wind loading on major structures such as tall buildings and long-span bridges, and to deliver design guidance to project teams in order to refine structural systems, adjust orientation, and enhance overall building performance. Our clients benefit in particular from Emanuele’s insight into wind effects on line-like items such as bridge cables, antennae and architectural spires. One of Emanuele’s most notable projects with RWDI was the Tintagel Castle foot bridge, an architecturally striking cantilevered bridge that enhanced the accessibility of one of the United Kingdom’s most popular tourist sites.

An experience engineer and project manager with international project experience


    • Master of Science (Civil Engineering – Civil Structures and Materials), Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
    • Master of Science (Architectural Engineering – Recovery and Conservation of Buildings), University of Padua, Italy
    • Bachelor of Science (Architectural Engineering), University of Padua, Italy

    • Wind effects on structures
    • Structural engineering
    • Structural wind loads
    • Bridges
    • Tall buildings
    • Building Performance
    • Spires
    • Antennae