Profile of Dawn Porcellato

Dawn Porcellato
Practice Area Leader | Infrastructure Strategic Marketing Specialist | Associate

As a recognized expert in business development and marketing, Dawn has a talent for expanding customer relationships and enhancing the company brand. She uses her knowledge and experience to work closely with our infrastructure leaders to help execute strategic initiatives and thought leadership activities. With over 20 years of marketing professional services for the AEC industry, she draws from her international experience to align business development processes and procedures with RWDI’s strategic business goals. Dawn applies her expertise and understanding of digital trends and applications to develop digital marketing strategies. She leads the practice of business development and works with our global business development teams to ensure best practices are implemented and that business development strategies are effective and well-executed in all our offices.

A sector sales and marketing specialist who enhances client engagement and develops business development best practices.


    • Building performance
    • Business development
    • Client engagement
    • Client outreach activities
    • Climate engineering
    • Marketing
    • Professional development
    • Seminar organization
    • Webinar delivery