Profile of Brent Langille

Brent Langille
Strategic Director | Principal

Brent Langille is a skilled senior consultant who helps firms and governments manage waste, comply with regulations, produce detailed technical reports and adapt their monitoring approaches as their organizations grow. Combining a background in geoscience with diverse professional experience in hydrogeology and geotechnical construction QA/QC, Brent excels at helping our clients not only understand and solve waste management challenges but communicate with stakeholders, including the general public and regulators, about their work. In addition to delivering substantial value to clients, Brent plays important roles within RWDI, sharing technical insights with various project teams and mentoring fellow scientists.

A geoscientist helping clients solve waste management challenges and engage diverse stakeholders


    • Bachelor of Science (Geological Sciences), University of Windsor, Canada

    • Member, Ontario Waste Management Association [OWMA]
    • Member, Solid Waste Management Association of North America [SWANA]
    • Member, Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario [APGO]
    • Member, Northwest Territories and Nunavut Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists [NAPEG]
    • Qualified Person for Environmental Site Assessments and Excess Soils (QP), Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks

    • Biosolids management
    • Construction quality assurance and construction quality control [CQA/CQC]
    • Environmental Compliance Approvals Applications and Amendments
    • Environmental site assessments
    • Hydrogeology
    • Industrial stormwater management
    • Landfill site compliance monitoring and reporting
    • Leachate management
    • Site remediation
    • Waste management