Profile of Andrew Graham

Graham A
Andrew Graham

Andrew supports our UK wind tunnel team in delivering valuable engineering intelligence to our clients. Working closely with our engineers, project managers and clients, Andrew oversees and executes a diverse range of wind tunnel studies -whether to test the performance of a building’s cladding in high wind or understand the dispersion of emissions from an industrial facility. Andrew is known for his ability to see the big picture of a project, and make both technical and process adaptations in support of clients’ goals and schedules. An effective team leader and a can-do problem solver, Andrew has contributed to the success of many ambitious engineering projects across the UK and internationally.

A dedicated problem-solver who collaborates with our engineers to deliver valuable wind tunnel testing data to clients


    • Accelerometers
    • Equipment maintenance and repair
    • Design and fabrication
    • Flexures
    • Internal communication and collaboration
    • Lasers
    • Leadership and mentoring
    • Load cells
    • Manometers
    • Resource coordination
    • Sectional bridge testing
    • Span system software
    • StrainBook software
    • Smoke visualization
    • Wind tunnel studies (cladding, HFFB, pedestrian wind, SVVS, topographical)