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Your new advantage

Changing climate and urban environments demand that today’s high-performance buildings put people and the planet first.

From wind tunnels to CFD, you have always trusted the RWDI team to apply the best tools to solve your design challenges. And now, we introduce our latest advantage: Orbital Stack. A design-insights platform developed and used by our engineers and climate specialists, Orbital Stack offers:

Faster results

Identify and solve the complex challenges of your designs sooner to save time now and avoid costly mistakes later.

Full-picture analysis

Understand how your project will interact with its surroundings through multi-factor analysis.

Expert insights

Benefit from simulation results and the expertise gained from the world’s largest collection of wind tunnel projects.

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Evaluate projects from every angle

Access RWDI’s world-renowned engineering and climate services for a complete understanding of your projects.

From concept to completion, guiding projects across the full lifecycle

Project Lifecycle Project Lifecycle

Decades of experience

Responsible CFD simulation requires the right computational framework, as well as expert analysis and review. Standard marketplace simulation software simply cannot provide an accurate representation of full-scale conditions. In contrast, decades of CFD experience have uniquely positioned RWDI to develop a tool that appropriately represents the characteristics of natural environments. And this is what distinguishes Orbital Stack: It incorporates the advantages of CFD with RWDI’s unmatched expertise. When applied to their visions, designers gain better insights into their designs, without compromising quality or safety.

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