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Wind Effects on Ground-mounted PV Arrays

Wind Effects on Ground-mounted PV Arrays

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Matthew Browne
Technical Director | Principal
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November 26, 2019
12:00 PM, Chicago Time (GMT-6)
60 min


PV installations of all size and type are subject to wind effects.  This presentation will cover how scale modeling can be leveraged to quantify the wind effects on different ground-mounted installation types.  The focus will then narrow to specific aerodynamics that affect installations and known torsional instabilities for unconstrained single-axis trackers.  The wind effects are influenced by several array and site parameters.  Specific parameters and their effect, including approaches to quantify wind loading, will be discussed. Finally, design standards are being drafted and implemented for wind loading on PV installations.  Their approaches and any gaps or limitations will be noted.    

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about scale modeling techniques for determining wind loads on solar ground-mounted PV systems, including limitations and applicability of various approaches.
  2. Learn about the aerodynamics of multi-row PV arrays and known torsional instabilities affecting unconstrained single-axis trackers.
  3. Learn about important design parameters and their effects, including row spacing and tilt.
  4. Learn about the relevant design standards as well as their gaps and limitations.

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