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Wind and Microclimate Control Features in Building Design

Wind and Microclimate Control Features in Building Design

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Ruth Shilston
Ruth Shilston
Leader of Major Projects Eurasia | Associate
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Time Commitment:
60 min
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Many of the decisions made early in design can influence performance and satisfaction. The seminar will discuss the role of microclimate influences (i.e., wind, sun, air quality, noise, vibration, etc.) on master plans and building concept development. The presentation will identify new technologies and discuss the best way to incorporate engineering studies into the design decision process in a timely fashion. Early input supports successful integration of design concepts when changes are readily made at lower cost, in lieu of band-aid solutions forced to merge with a final design.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand wind flows around buildings and how they affect pedestrian comfort and safety.
  2. How to design for a better outdoor wind environment and ultimately the success of a project.
  3. Learn how the wind environment around buildings can be modeled and assessed using appropriate tools at various design stages
  4. Learn how a pedestrian wind study can be used to promote more comfortable outdoor environments, create more walkable communities and obtain approvals from local authorities.

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