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High Stakes Weather Forecasting Personalized for Airport Operations

High Stakes Weather Forecasting Personalized for Airport Operations

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Ron Chapman
Strategic Director | Principal
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December 11, 2019
12:00 PM, Toronto Time (GMT-5)
60 min


Weather conditions represent an operational challenge for airports.  Mobilizing resources (people and equipment) and the application of runway products to run to deal with weather events is costly and risky.  If mobilization of resources is not done when it should, there are air traffic delays, and upset passengers.  If resource mobilization is done and no weather event happens, money, materials and equipment are wasted. 

An accurate, airport-personalized weather forecast is necessary to manage risk and resources.  This webinar will discuss what an airport-personalized weather forecast is and how it differs from a general weather forecast.  The webinar will discuss what weather items should be included in airport forecasts, what they mean and how they should be used to inform decision making by operations staff. Short Term and Long Term Forecasts will be discussed.   The webinar will discuss what information from other airside information systems is important to integrate into the weather forecast and why.   The webinar will discuss the advantage of a meteorologist on call and how airport operations staff should make best use of an on-call meteorologist. 

Learning objectives

  • To understand meteorology and weather forecasting related to airports. 
  • To understand what an airport-personalized weather forecast is.
  • To Understand the components of a Long Term and Short Term weather forecast and how they can be used by airport operations staff to inform decisions. 
  • To Understand the benefit of integration of an airport-personalized weather forecast with other airside information systems. 
  • To Understand how to best utilize a meteorologist on-call service.   

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