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Vibration Isolation and Control in Building Design

Vibration Isolation and Control in Building Design

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Shayne Love
Project Engineer - Vibration and Damping | Associate
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June 26, 2019
12:00 PM, Vancouver Time (GMT-7)
60 min


Whether it comes from environmental sources (road, rail, industry) or internally generated by building services and footfalls, concern is growing over vibration effects in buildings such as laboratories, healthcare facilities and educational structures. Today's high-tech equipment often used in university research and medical imaging requires low-vibration environments to function properly. In addition to affecting sensitive equipment, excessive vibration from improperly isolated mechanical equipment also can cause occupant discomfort or annoyance in buildings of all types. This presentation addresses the assessment and control of vibration from all major sources and the factors involved in maintaining occupant comfort

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand vibration effects on buildings, which are caused by environmental sources and/or internally generated by building services and footfalls.
  2. Understand how to assess and control mechanical equipment-induced vibration.
  3. Understand how site vibration surveys can be used to identify sources of disruptive vibration.
  4. Understand a new and advanced way of analyzing floor vibration in sensitive spaces due to footfalls.

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