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The Intersection Between Healthy Buildings and Personal Well-being

The Intersection Between Healthy Buildings and Personal Well-being


We are one symbiotic eco-system. How do buildings influence our health choices and make it easier for building occupants to align their personal health goals in a more meaningful and sustainable way? Research continues to show us that our physical and social environments are significant contributors to the state of our mental and physical well-being. 

We know that immediate steps can be taken to make different choices in how we design buildings to make them more accessible to meet the public’s demand for more healthier building options and amenities. Especially today, where employees and employers are strategizing and looking for solutions on how to return to work safely, we will explore what it means to live or work in a healthy building and the operational components necessary to enhance human health. 

This panel of experts will discuss the issues and provide meaningful tools and strategies to align creating healthy buildings with personal wellbeing and community resiliency.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the principals behind a healthy building and how that aligns with personal wellbeing.
  • Implement strategies to create meaningful community and amenity spaces within buildings.
  • Identify leading edge frameworks that have developed “returning to work” safely strategies including the discussion of policies, plans and protocol to support an organizations initiative.
  • Create personal strategies that can help guide your path to a more meaningful and healthier lifestyle.

Live Speakers:

Please register for one of our webinars to learn more from a variety of industry experts.

29 April  |  2:00 PM, Central European Summer Time (GMT+2) 

27 May  |  12:00 PM, Vancouver Time (GMT-7) 

29 June  |  12:00 PM, Toronto Time (GMT-4) 

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