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Planning for Resiliency: Integrated Design through Operations

Planning for Resiliency: Integrated Design through Operations

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Elaine Aye
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Aimée Smith
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Time Commitment:
30 minutes
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When a new project is being designed, the entire life cycle of the project is not always top of mind.  Historically in the industry, design teams are assembled and the various members will often focus on their particular area of expertise, with a goal of responding to the ever-increasing pace of design and delivery in today’s market.  This “silo” approach can often create challenges and there can be missed opportunities from a lack of collaboration. 

As we strive to create the next generation of sustainable, high performance buildings, we need to take an integrated approach to optimize all aspects of design and operation to achieve an outcome where the building operates as efficiently as possible, but also provide an environment that is focused on the health, well-being and comfort of the occupants.  Designing with the end in mind also allows for integration of building and site features that are necessary for the future durability and resiliency of buildings. 

This course will walk the audience through the necessary steps of the Integrated Design to Operation process.  Beginning with a foundational understanding of site context and climate, this session includes recommended considerations and engineering analyses during all aspects of the design phase, construction phase commissioning, owner training, ongoing measurement and verification, and building commissioning to maintain desired building performance.   

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the benefits of a holistic approach to sustainable design, construction and operations of a building and apply health related thinking in your design process.
  2. Identify when to include technology in the overall design process to optimize building performance.
  3. Analyze how building commissioning contributes to reduced energy consumption in high performance, healthy buildings.
  4. Identify how a building audit can optimize performance in buildings and reduce health and safety issues for occupants.

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