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The Art and Science of Natural Ventilation

The Art and Science of Natural Ventilation


Natural Ventilation (NV) is used in approximately 50% of the net zero capable buildings.  NV can reduce building energy demands, increase occupant productivity, provide enhanced air quality and maintain occupant connections to outdoors. Unfortunately, the implementation of NV is often just the inclusion of operable windows.  Often these operable windows are the wrong size, in the wrong location and adversely affect the building rather than enhance it. 

The successful design of NV is part art, part science.  The design process includes understanding wind, sun & internal heat gains along with managing the surrounding environment. This seminar will demonstrate how wind & airflows in & around a building can be optimized to enhance the viability of NV using discussions of physics, architectural options & case studies.  A good natural ventilation scheme ideally starts with the masterplan and finishes off with details like the design of vents and louvers.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the relative importance of wind and chimney effect on natural ventilation.
  2. Identify massing options that contribute to success natural ventilation.
  3. Be able to describe the different types of natural ventilation and which is best when.
  4. Understand how the neutral plane of a building contributes to a successful natural ventilation scheme.

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22 July |  9:30 AM, Mumbai Time (GMT+5.5) — Registration coming soon

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