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Integrative Design: Creating High Performance Buildings and Teams

Integrative Design: Creating High Performance Buildings and Teams

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Joel Good
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30 min
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This course focuses on the Integrative Design Process, and examines the strategies and financial benefits of integrative design for project teams seeking high-performance, sustainable buildings. 

The Integrative Design Process is an opportunity to foster teamwork and communication, establish a project vision, identify project goals and expectations, and discuss specific green building strategies.

The integrative design process involves a discovery phase that includes micro climate analysis, site assessment, and early design phase energy modeling. The discovery phase needs to take place prior to the design workshop, in order for the team to have the necessary data to determine effective design strategies.  

In this presentation, we will demonstrate how implementing an integrative process either within or outside a LEED framework can produce cost-effective and innovative design solutions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the requirements and value of the Integrative Process to create more energy efficient and healthy buildings. 
  2. Improve large group facilitation skills to arrive at a set of workable design principles that promote building occupant health and welfare. 
  3. Understand the synergies of the Integrative Design Process with LEED v4 credits.
  4. Justify the cost and necessary preparations of the pre-design workshop to building owners and other decision makers. Explore the unique qualities of the Sustainable SITES Initiative and its synergies with the LEEDv4 rating system and similar frameworks.

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