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How To Deliver the Most Favorable Data Center Environment - Inside and Out

How To Deliver the Most Favorable Data Center Environment - Inside and Out


Data Centers are changing. Distributed workload management is affecting enterprise data centers. The  infrastructure of data centers is changing from large data centers located away from users to distributed, smaller, and more flexible data centers closer to users to save fiber and cut transmission times.  When a data center is co-located in an urban environment or an industrial park, the outside environment of the data center becomes more critical to ensure good ventilation inside.  Inside, the layout of equipment racks and rows in a multi-tenant data center is critical to delivering the most favorable IT environment for each client ensuring performance and managing energy use. 

Participants Will Learn

  • How to minimize negative community environmental  impact in the data center's outside environment
  • How to utilize the outside urban environment for best data center performance inside while avoiding potential issues
  • How to improve the utilization of space within the data center through management of airflow
  • Tips to optimize energy use through modelling of environmental conditions at the rack, row and facility level 

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14 September  |  12:00 PM, San Francisco Time (GMT-7) 

16 September  |  12:00 PM, New York Time (GMT-4) 

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