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Controlling Glare and Solar Reflections from the Built Environment

Controlling Glare and Solar Reflections from the Built Environment

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Ryan Danks
Senior Engineer | Associate
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Time Commitment:
60 min
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Knowledgeable designers who understand the causes and potential risks associated with uncontrolled solar reflections can identify and remedy potential problems prior to construction, saving the expense, inconvenience, and time of rework and retrofit. This seminar will provide an understanding of why solar reflections from buildings occur, how they can negatively affect their neighbors, and how they can be prevented. The presentation includes an overview of the circumstances that can cause visual glare and solar focusing as well as a list of key factors a design team should consider during the initial design stages.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the conditions that can lead to solar reflections and their negative effects on the surrounding environment. 
  2. Learn about techniques that can be applied during design to reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of solar reflections.
  3. Learn how to identify building features that may cause problems related to solar reflections.
  4. Observe strategies that have been employed to mitigate solar reflection issues in existing buildings. 
  5. Gain an understanding of the potential hazards associated with uncontrolled solar reflections in an urban context.

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