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Falling Ice and Snow for Buildings and Structures

Falling Ice and Snow for Buildings and Structures

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Jan Dale
Senior Engineer | Principal
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Time Commitment:
60 min
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This seminar will provide a review of the aerodynamic and meteorological variables involved in the transportation, accumulation and subsequent shedding of snow and ice. An overview of what conditions can lead to snow and ice accumulations of buildings and the subsequent shedding into the public domain is discussed. The key considerations for design assumptions are presented. The aim is to provide designers with an understanding of the potential risks involved with falling ice and snow so that appropriate design and operational strategies may be developed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the conditions that can lead to snow and ice accumulations on buildings that may be subsequently shed into the public domain.
  2. Learn about some of the methods used to reduce the occurrence and/or magnitude of falling ice and snow events.
  3. Learn how to recognize building details that will accumulate snow and have a high risk for falling snow or ice problems.
  4. Observe some of the mitigation strategies used to reduce the risks associated with snow and ice problems.

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