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City of London Thermal Comfort Guidelines

City of London Thermal Comfort Guidelines


A building can affect its surroundings in many ways, from reflecting or limiting sunlight to altering wind patterns, all of which affect how comfortable a person feels in a public space.  A space which is comfortable throughout the year, or in specific seasons is of high value to a City in terms of creating high quality amenity spaces, pleasant streets and commercially viable external eating and drinking establishments.  The need for open-air public spaces has also never been more important, now more than ever people are heading outside in search of public spaces to exercise, rest and relax. 

For these reasons, The City of London launched Thermal Comfort guidelines in December 2020.  These guidelines are expected to be implemented on all new major developments within the City of London and will require additional assessment and reporting.  This webinar will cover how and why the Thermal Comfort guidelines were produced and how they should be implemented onto projects.   

Learning Objectives

  1. Have an awareness of the motivation behind the creation of the guidelines
  2. Recognise when you are required to undertake a thermal comfort assessment on your project
  3. Understand the specific assessment methodology and how to compute the UTCI comfort metric
  4. Know how to interpret the output from the assessment and the reporting requirements

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17 June  |  12:00 PM, London Time (BST)

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