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Air Quality for Building Design

Air Quality for Building Design

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David Hamlyn
Project Manager | Senior Engineer | Associate
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Time Commitment:
60 min
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Air quality issues encompassing exhaust dispersion and re-entrainment, considering both on and off-site impacts of exhausts, odours, and ventilation design in laboratories, healthcare and other facilities will be addressed.

An overview of the process to consider these issues including the review of the existing site, development of emissions profiles and design criteria and an in-depth discussion of the modeling tools available to the designer ranging from analytical techniques and design reviews, to wind tunnel physical scale modelling will be provided. 

Typical problems and mitigative solutions will be presented through examining selected projects that RWDI has recently completed, and using visual demonstrations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand the environment around and within buildings and its impacts and effects on building performance.
  2. To understand how engineering modelling tools can be used to assist architects in the design of buildings and facilities of all kinds.
  3. To learn how modelling can be used to promote safe and efficient building design with regard to air quality.
  4. To explain the various conditions that engineering tools can simulate

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