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Acoustics, Noise and Vibration for Building Design

Acoustics, Noise and Vibration for Building Design


Whether in an open plan office, a hotel room, a residence or a concert hall, noise and vibration can be a source of distraction and may contribute to increase anxiety, cause sleep disturbance or even increase the risk of heart disease.

There are numerous acoustic aspects to consider when designing a high quality building and these include room acoustics, airborne and impact sound transmission between spaces, outdoor to indoor noise, structure borne noise and vibration from mechanical equipment and duct-borne noise from the air conditioning mechanical ventilation system.

Rectifying defects and retrofitting noise control is often very expensive or impractical and may cause significant delays to the project.  Acoustic issues can be avoided if the acoustic consultant is actively engaged during the early stages of the design.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will develop an understanding of how sound behaves in buildings.
  • Participants will develop awareness of issues associated with room acoustics, sound isolation and building services noise and vibration control
  • Participants will learn how noise and vibration can be assessed to determine mitigation measures
  • Participants will be shown some examples of typical defects and some corrective actions.

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