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Acoustic Noise and Vibration Issues for Building Design

Acoustic, Noise and Vibration Issues for Building Design

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Steve Meszaros
Technical Director | Principal
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Time Commitment:
60 min
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This seminar will provide a detailed review of the major areas of acoustical design and noise control for buildings including building space planning and orientation, exterior wall design, room acoustics, sound isolation, and building services noise control. We will also discuss specialized design for phenomena such as aeroacoustics (wind-induced noise on exterior architectural features). Vibration effects on buildings such as laboratories, healthcare facilities and educational structures are becoming of greater concern, whether from environmental sources (road, rail, industry) or internally generated by building services and footfalls. Today's hi-tech industries (micro-electronics, bio-technology, etc.), university research and medical imaging require low-vibration environments for proper functionality of the spaces. Excessive vibration from improperly isolated mechanical equipment can also cause occupant discomfort or annoyance in buildings of all types. Assessment and control of vibration from all major sources will be discussed. Occupant comfort will also be addressed. The above will be exemplified by examining selected projects that RWDI has recently completed and by way of visual and audio demonstrations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop an understanding of how sound behaves in a building.
  2. Outline the major areas of acoustical design for buildings - room acoustics, sound isolation, building services noise control wind-induced noise (aeroacoustics).
  3. Understand vibration effects on buildings, which are caused by environmental sources (road, rail, industry) and/or internally generated by building services and footfalls.
  4. Understand how to assess and control mechanical equipment-, environmental- and footfall-induced vibrations.

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