Modeling the City of London

In a recent article in The Engineer, RWDI consultant and principal Ender Ozkan describes the diverse applications of an award-winning model his team developed to support urban planning decisions in the historic City of London.

A bustling financial center for more than 1,000 years, London’s Square Mile is densely developed; each new building affects numerous neighbous as well as adjacent outdoor spaces. A combination of virtual and physical modeling offers planners a comprehensive picture of the area, and allows them to quickly generate precise projections of the changes new buildings will make to wind and daylighting conditions in the surrounding area. Having these insights in hand early in the planning process helps officials efficiently make choices that support comfortable conditions in the neighborhood while ensuring compliance with local regulations.  

Based on its success to date, the model may be expanded to capture additional dimensions, such as air quality and pedestrian flows. 

huddled penguin effect of buildings