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Webinar: Leveraging Advanced Technologies to Understand and Reduce Air Quality & Noise Risks in Mining Operations

Predicting, managing, and regulating the noise impacts from large open cut coal mines can present significant challenges including: capturing variations in meteorological conditions, evolving mine plans, and stringent criteria at surrounding communities. To address the evolving needs of mines to maintain flexible operations while achieving compliance with regulatory requirements, advanced noise monitoring technologies can be implemented. In this webinar we will discuss two advanced technologies in noise monitoring to reduce risk of noise complaints in neighboring communities and increase confidence in the noise monitoring results.

Barn Owl is real time directional noise monitoring system. This system allows incidences of high-noise events to be pin-pointed to a specific direction, and attributed to a specific industry. This monitoring system can allow mines more flexibility in achieving compliance with stringent limits by removing noise from other nearby industries or mines.

Certain meteorological conditions can push sound to communities further from mining operations resulting in noise complaints. By using pro-active noise management, these meteorological events can be anticipated and adjustments to mine operations can be implemented before a negative outcome.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand different ways that air quality and noise is regulated and managed at mining operations
  2. Learn the science behind directional noise monitoring
  3. Identify which meteorological conditions create adverse conditions for noise and air quality
  4. Understand the benefits of advanced air quality and noise monitoring technology to mining operations


Ben Lawrence, Senior Technical Director

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29 November 2023  |  12:00 PM (AEDT)