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Webinar: Elevating Sustainability in Sports and Entertainment Venues: Leading by Example

A distinguished panel of sports and entertainment industry experts will discuss innovative ways to address the pressing challenges of sustainability in sports venues.


In an era defined by increasing environmental awareness and evolving sustainability regulations, sports and entertainment venues face a dual challenge - balancing operational excellence and championing eco-friendly practices.  Managing and operating venues in today's climate can be a daunting task, with new regulations and event requirements continuously emerging. The need to address critical issues such as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocols, resiliency, and demonstrating environmental impacts through prestigious certifications like ISO 20121 and LEED is now more critical than ever.

RWDI, a leading global climate and performance engineering firm, will share invaluable insights on how venues can effectively navigate the complex path to sustainable operations. Their expertise will shed light on innovative strategies and practical solutions.

The Green Sports Alliance, a renowned environmental trade organization, plays a pivotal role in uniting stakeholders from across the sporting world, including teams, leagues, conferences, venues, corporate partners, governmental agencies, athletes, and fans. Together, they work collaboratively to promote healthier, more sustainable communities where we live and play. Join us as we talk about ways to positively reinforce sustainability while simultaneously enhancing your venue's environmental and operational performance. Together, we can drive the transformation towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future in the world of sports and entertainment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the current trends and developments in the sports industry with a specific focus on sustainability and climate change. Explore key concepts such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and ISO 20121 standards to grasp how they impact the industry. 
  • Comprehend the fundamental principles of assessing and setting boundaries for Greenhouse Gas emissions within the sports industry. Learn how to calculate and manage your organization's carbon footprint and explore best practices for reducing emissions. 
  • Develop effective waste management strategies for both game day events and year-round operations in the sports industry. Learn how to minimize waste generation, increase recycling rates, and implement sustainable waste disposal practices. 
  • Explore the strategies and benefits of forging partnerships within the sports industry to support sustainability initiatives. Understand how to establish your organization's environmental baseline and leverage it for impactful change, while also contributing to the broader industry's sustainability goals. 


Elaine Aye - Associate Strategic Advisor - Sustainability (RWDI)

Joel Good - Senior Consultant | Principal (RWDI)

Michael Kraus - Director of Sustainable Events & Analytics (Green Sports Alliance)

Bradley Vogel - Member Services & Events Senior Manager (Green Sports Alliance)

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29 November 2023 | 3:00 PM (EST)