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The Facade Group Has Joined RWDI

We’re pleased to announce that The Facade Group, a leader in high-performance building enclosures, has joined our team. 

Since 2000, The Facade Group’s consultants have delivered beautiful and technically excellent building enclosures – from innovative roofing and below-grade waterproofing systems to high-performance facades. 

The Facade Group logo and projects

Starting today, RWDI’s field-leading capabilities in building science modeling and sustainability will be complemented by The Facade Group’s deep technical expertise in advanced enclosure materials, assembly techniques, component modeling, and performance assessment and diagnostics. 

The building enclosure field is changing quickly as materials, practices and sustainability standards evolve, and as extreme weather places growing demands on every part of the built environment. RWDI is continually enhancing its ability to help clients successfully navigate these new realities. By bringing The Facade Group on board, RWDI continues our long-standing practice of innovating and adapting to ensure we have the capacity to deliver – or invent – elegant solutions to our clients’ next big design challenges.

Read more about our building enclosure services for new construction and for existing buildings, check out some of the Facade Group’s notable projects or contact us directly about how to incorporate the latest in building enclosure materials and assembly techniques into your project.