Thought Leadership

RWDI Authored the Leeds Wind Guidelines

Recently introduced wind guidelines for Leeds help developers evaluate the impact of new buildings on their surroundings before they are built.

Leeds UK

RWDI has a decade of experience working in Leeds, which has led to a thorough understanding of the wind climate in and around the city and earned us a solid reputation with Leeds Council. As a result, we were chosen to author the wind guidelines for this UK city of almost 800,000 people.

The Leeds wind guidelines build on the wind guidelines we co-authored for the City of London in 2019. With Leeds in mind, these guidelines take into account the different nature of the Leeds skyline when determining under which circumstances computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel testing are required.

By supplying a consistent set of weather statistics and methodology guidance to be used in wind assessments, the guidelines provide a means of ensuring comprehensive and accurate understanding of the wind microclimate around developments. In turn, this leads to reliable, informed planning and accurate comparisons between the microclimate performance of different buildings.

In this regard, the guidelines serve a two-fold purpose:

  • providing a roadmap to ensure assessments are robust and accurate, and
  • ensuring developers address issues and modify their designs to mitigate unwanted effects earlier in the design process so late-stage fixes adding costs and architectural compromise can be avoided.

We’re pleased to play a vital role in promoting long-term resiliency in buildings in Leeds. This resiliency is set to ensure pedestrian safety from strong wind effects from new developments. It will also significantly improve the environment within Leeds—including promoting its walkability and providing pleasant amenity spaces for residents and visitors—which will, in time, help create a more sustainable future for the city.

For more information, check out the Leeds wind guidelines in full, and for any projects in Leeds, please contact David Hamlyn.