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RWDI Announces Third LEED Gold Certification

RWDI is proud to announce our third LEED® Gold certification – this time for our Trivandrum office, which has achieved LEED® v4.1 Gold certification under the Operations and Maintenance (O+M) framework.  

The project team, which included internal sustainability and commissioning consultants, conducted extensive research, effectively managed quality control of project submissions, and mitigated several project challenges to bring this certification to fruition.  

RWDI Trivandrum office

Our Trivandrum team was able to realize several efficiency improvements and made system and operational changes throughout the certification process, the most notable being: 

  • the modification of the HVAC system to meet ASHRAE standards,  
  • the implementation of an ongoing plan to reduce the office’s connected lighting power density, and 
  • making operational improvements to manage waste segregation and onsite composting of organic waste. 

This achievement continues to demonstrate RWDI’s commitment to implementing systems that reduce our corporate environmental footprint and help achieve our sustainability goals. 

Congratulations once again to everyone involved in this work!