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Rick Mercer's Wind Tunnel Experiment: “Prepare to be Blown Away”

We’re known for helping make superlatives happen: tallest, longest, most advanced. But now we’ve added another superlative: funniest!

Rick Mercer in RWDI facility

In March 2018, we had the great pleasure — no, the great fun — of hosting Canadian comedian and television personality Rick Mercer. For eight hours our headquarters in Guelph became the set for a segment of The Rick Mercer Report, his popular weekly show on CBC Television.

During filming, the comedian was in peak Rick Mercer mode. Things started out innocently enough, but then Rick and our Brian Sulley got into the wind tunnel for some…experiments. Things got interesting very quickly! (Brian might just have egged Rick on a tiny a bit?) It started out with Rick’s head on a stake, and…well, let’s just say our wind tunnel has never seen anything quite like Rick Mercer!

The program aired on March 27, 2018. The Rick Mercer Report, featuring Mercer’s signature political satire and quirky chronicles of Canadian life, ran for 15 seasons, ending on April 10, 2018.