Thought Leadership

Noise From Temperature-Controlled Transport

Recently, the Canadian Acoustical Association hosted the Acoustics Week in Canada conference in Guelph, Ontario. This blog post is the second in a short series highlighting some of the research and insights shared there by the RWDI acousticians and engineers. Our presenters tackled the lack of information for a problematic environmental noise source. 

Temperature-controlled transportation is a critical part of the food and pharmaceutical distribution industry but the noise from refrigerated transport trailers is a common problem. There has been a lack of sound level data from the mixture of units currently in use. Jessie Roy and Peter VanDelden addressed that long-standing information gap by presenting a paper summarizing the data that RWDI has gathered over the past decade. It included overall sound levels and directionality that are critical factors associated with parked refrigeration trailers. They also updated the group on some of the standards that are being applied to newly manufactured refrigeration units. This data allows us to better support food and pharmaceutical clients in managing their noise.