Thought Leadership

Envirotech Joins the RWDI team

We’re pleased to announce that Envirotech Associates Ltd. – a leader in product stewardship, environmental performance and corporate sustainability – has joined the RWDI team.  

Since 2003, Envirotech has worked with leading global firms to build and drive ambitious sustainability programs. The Envirotech team has helped some of the world’s most recognized brands to not only navigate fast-changing regulatory landscapes, but move beyond compliance to demonstrate environmental leadership and gain strategic advantage. 

RWDI’s own environmental consulting practice includes top scientists, engineers and software specialists who work with stakeholders across all sectors and industries. Our teams help clients meet environmental challenges such as accounting for and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, managing solid waste and contributing to climate-aware project designs and master plans. 

chimneys and plants in containers

Clients will see the power of our two firms’ combined strengths right away. Organizations that currently draw on RWDI’s technical capabilities and collaborative culture to meet their environmental goals will now have seamless access to Envirotech’s green accounting offerings, as well as their complementary skills that extend across the business performance continuum – from product life cycle and retail planning to sustainability-focused financial analysis, reporting and improvement.

The environmental demands our clients face are changing rapidly. Emissions rules are becoming more stringent. Many North American jurisdictions are moving toward a more circular economy: there are now over 80 stewardship programs operating in Canada, with provinces increasingly requiring firms to take responsibility for the entire life-cycle of their products. Consumers are also demanding stronger environmental performance.  

Bringing Envirotech on board is part of RWDI’s long-standing practice of innovating and adapting to ensure we’re always ready to deliver solutions that will meet our clients’ emerging needs and advance their broader business goals. 

Whether your aim is to adapt to regulatory changes, innovate for increased efficiency and cost savings, or lead your industry on sustainability, we’re now better equipped than ever to help you get there. 

If you have any questions about what this new partnership makes possible for your organization, view our environmental stewardship page.