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Chicago Tribune: ‘New Vista Project Makes Way for Wind’

"Blow-through" floor will help keep skinny tower from swaying.

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune by long-time architecture critic Blair Kamin notes the importance of several “nausea-quashing” features in the new 98-story Vista tower. Now under construction along the Chicago River just blocks from Lake Michigan, the Vista tower will be the city’s third tallest building. And like most new tall, slender towers, the Vista needed something to control its swaying in high winds.

As the wind engineering consultant on the project, RWDI developed a two-part solution that uses tuned liquid sloshing damper technology and allows the wind to blow through the 83rd floor. In describing the effectiveness of these two control mechanisms, Kamin mentions another high-profile project where RWDI provided similar innovative wind engineering solutions — 432 Park Avenue in New York.

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