We’d like to share the rich flavors of our RWDI family with you as we enter the festive season.

This year has given us a lot more time to be in the kitchen with family. We’d like to wish you happy holidays and share some of our favorite recipes.

See the full video recipes below and download the
RWDI Festive Recipe Book for these and more tasty dishes.

The Stormy Venture Cocktail by Dave Bullock

A Florentine Tart by Derek Kelly

Stampot Boerenkoel by Dianthé van Weerden

Poached Pears with Red Wine and Cardamom Syrup by Travis Tokarek

Fruit Salad Tart by Bronwyn Bennison

Red Velvet Cupcakes by Gayathri S.

Shortbread by Brian Sulley

Ginger Sparklers by Kirk Easto