WELL Performance Testing

Is your project ready for on-site WELL performance testing?

WELL is a performance-based rating system and every WELL certified project is verified through on-site performance testing. RWDI is an approved WELL Performance Testing Organization and provider of on-site testing services for WELL v1 and v2 projects. Our team of experts can assist you in this final stage of WELL certification. Our Performance Testing Agents provide an independent, quantitative confirmation that your building is performing as intended and achieving the desired health benefits for occupants.

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Who We Are:

RWDI is one of the world’s premier specialty engineering and sustainability consulting firms. Delivering expert guidance in every aspect of building science, we help clients design, maintain and enhance green projects around the globe, with an emphasis on optimizing the occupant experience. Our unique combination of tools and capabilities address projects in every market sector, ranging in scale from small tenant improvements to major neighborhood developments – from initial visioning sessions and urban planning to perfecting the wind performance of the world’s tallest towers. 

What We Do:  

Drawing on our deep technical knowledge that spans all aspects of the built environment, our  WELL Performance Testing helps you create a building that meets high standards for health, comfort and efficiency. Our team of professionals will assess your building’s indoor environmental quality by taking critical measurements of many parameters, including:

  • Air Quality: WELL sets minimum performance thresholds for carbon monoxide, ozone, particulate matter, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen dioxide and radon. We use highly accurate measurement devices to assess your building’s indoor air quality relative to the relevant WELL thresholds.
Air quality monitoring equipment
  • Water Quality: WELL requires testing for turbidity, coliforms, disinfectants and laboratory contaminants. We have the tools and resources to sample, test and assess your water’s compliance with WELL. 
  • Light: WELL requires assessments of both visual lighting characteristics and circadian lighting parameters, which are fundamental to visual acuity, focus and regulating physiological systems. RWDI has advanced measurement and modelling capabilities to assess the light environment. 
  • Comfort: WELL promotes comfort conditions in accordance with ASHRAE 55-2013 (and corresponding standards for projects outside North America). Multiple measurements of dry-bulb temperature, mean radiant temperature and relative humidity are required to confirm that an indoor environment will be comfortable for occupants.
  • Acoustics: Noise and sound are vital to occupant comfort. WELL requires measurements of internally generated noise, exterior noise intrusion, background noise levels, speech privacy and sound isolation class, reverberation time and sound pressure level. We assess these parameters at multiple locations to ensure your design meets the relevant activity-based sound thresholds.