Weather Forecasting

Improving operations and profitability through proactive guidance on weather conditions

All weather data are not created equal. By getting high-quality, targeted data at the right time, you can make better decisions about weather-related delays, costs and risks. 

Scenarios for weather data

Our service

When weather means money, we help you make the best decision for your bottom line. 

We work with you to:

  • Identify areas of your operation that are susceptible to weather and suggest proactive mitigation strategies
  • Provide standard and/or custom forecasts that help you minimize operational delays while increasing safety and efficiency
  • Provide in-person support from a dedicated professional meteorologist whom you know and who is invested in the success of your operation.

We use methods that produce some of the most specific results in the industry. The key to our success is understanding what aspects of weather are important to you. You get customized weather information for the next 2–10 days in a format that you can use quickly to make critical decisions. We can also evaluate short- and long-range conditions with you and suggest how you could adapt your operations.

We use a tiered approach based on weather conditions to provide you with the most cost-efficient service. We also have several delivery modes to address different needs. With this flexible approach, we are able to constantly maintain the best balance among detail, accuracy and low cost.

How we work

We continually download gigabytes of daily weather data. We run these data in weather models on our high-performance computing cluster (supercomputer), extract the data specific to your location(s) and post-process it. With our method (based on a model known as WRF-ARW), we can produce a highly localized forecast. Next, we run custom analytics depending on your needs (wind gust algorithms, snow accretion algorithms, weather forecast techniques and interpretation, and so forth). Finally, we present the data to you in user-friendly formats—such as self-briefing web platforms, emails, mobile apps, graphs, tables, plots and so forth—or we brief you personally.

Samples of weather monitoring software
Weather forecasting data presented in customized, usable formats.

We can provide weather information via several different modes, including:

  • Automatic delivery of standard forecasts
  • Custom spot forecasts tailored specifically to the conditions and locations that concern you most
  • Real-time application of numerical modeling of the atmosphere, ocean and land.
  • Weather watch (we inform you when conditions are met)
  • High resolution weather data sets and forecast systems
  • Weather training provided by our experts
  • One-on-one consulting.

Individualized consulting can take different forms to meet your needs. We can talk with you informally over the phone. Or we can do scheduled web briefings with your entire group. In such interactive consultations, we interpret forecasts in light of your specific concerns, and you get immediate answers to your questions.

View our suite of weather-related tools available for customization and client use