Sustainability Performance Measurement and Reporting

Optimizing delivered performance through correct selection of metrics and efficient data management and reporting

Performance ratings are becoming a critical feature of real estate development. This change is driven by several factors: performance-based contracts, public–private partnerships (P3) and the emergence of real estate as the fourth major asset class.

Facility owners and managers use performance ratings as decision making tools and as critical market differentiators for real estate assets. Performance reporting may also be a legislative or contractual requirement.

For performance reporting to be effective, however, many interrelated contributing factors must be interpreted correctly. In addition, effective data management strategies are critical; without them, operational intelligence is compromised and the reporting process can be full of headaches and delays.

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Our service

We deliver the numbers and insights you need to meet your performance targets—and stay there. First, we work with you to develop a strategy that will produce meaningful performance data in an efficient manner. Next, we carry out this strategy for you and provide results you can use immediately. Our engagements range from one-time assessments to development of custom analytical software to ongoing monitoring and reporting.

In designing and delivering performance reporting, we leverage years of practical, in-the-field experience with hundreds of new construction and existing building projects, as well as experience with a variety of technology platforms and reporting frameworks. We’ll harness your data output to provide user-friendly decision support, insight on operational trends, streamlined reporting and optimized building automation. 

For high-performance assets, moving from predicted to actual performance requires deep experience in a complex range of topics. For this reason, we recommend an integrated services approach focused on ensuring “delivered performance.” We have an exceptional understanding of key drivers of delivered performance that others might miss, or underappreciate. These include climate patterns, local microclimate, air infiltration, stack effect (temperature differences), thermal comfort, building automation and management and analysis of “big data.”

Our integrated service offering includes design and construction consulting (including planning for certification if desired), energy and water modeling, daylight modeling, and support for commissioning. Performance measurement and reporting are most effective as the capstone of this integrated approach.

Performance Frameworks/Metrics

  • Architecture 2030
  • ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient (bEQ)
  • Carbon emissions intensity
  • Energy use intensity
  • LEED
  • LEED for Existing Buildings
  • LEED Dynamic Plaque
  • Living Building Challenge WELL Building Standard