Specialty weather forecasting

Specialty weather forecasting

Supporting safety and minimizing delays with targeted weather forecasts

No one can control the weather – but many organizations can save money and enhance operations by being better prepared for whatever conditions they’ll face. Our team of engineers and meteorologists enhance plans and designs by evaluating both short- and long-range conditions, and working closely with your team to minimize negative impacts on your operations.

  • We identify areas of your operation that are susceptible to weather challenges and suggest proactive mitigation strategies.
  • Our regular and/or custom forecasts minimize operational delays while increasing safety and efficiency.
  • You gain access to a dedicated professional meteorologist, whom you know, who understands your operation, and who’s invested in your success. 
  • If high-impact weather is forecast, or a particularly sensitive operation is scheduled, we can deliver a heightened level of detail, guidance and engagement. 

Diverse Applications 

avalanche, ski slope, rescue helicopter, wild fire, film crew

Avalanche control. 

RWDI's AlpineFX product has become the weather platform of choice for avalanche control staff in Western Canada. A self-briefing tool lets avalanche forecasters access customized automated forecasts to support day-to-day decision-making. Live feedback from our professional meteorologists helps them time and locate road closures and search-and-rescue missions. 

Search and rescue. 

High-quality forecasting is vital to the planning and execution of these critical operations. Whether the goal is anticipating weather for flight rescue or avalanche rescue; forecasting precipitation around flood events; or ensuring rescue teams are equipped for the weather, our data and insights can help.

Winter resort operations. 

Winter resort operators benefit from frequent, accurate weather forecasts that help them pro-actively manage snow safety operations, snow making, grooming and other functions. We deliver detailed, technical forecasts for internal decision-making, and also support automated, icon-style forecasts for public display on-site and online. 

Helicopter operations. 

Government flight forecast information is limited when it comes to local weather conditions in mountainous terrain. Organizations planning helicopter sorties in complex terrain (e.g. for filming movies) use our short- and long-range group web briefings to optimize preparation and flying times and avoid unnecessary risks and delays.

Fire weather forecasting. 

Whether you need a forecast for an existing fire or guidance on a go/no go decision for a prescribed burn, our meteorologists can provide a weather forecast tailored to your concerns. 

  • Access location-specific, high-resolution weather model output for your fire weather application, covering convective indices and assessments, wind shear, low-level jets, surface convergence, and other phenomena. 
  • Receive ad hoc spot meteograms to assess lightning probability and specific fire locations
  • Equip your team with a “weather workstation” model that aggregates weather model outputs, observations and analyses into one easy-to-use web application customized to your needs. 
  • Build your own capabilities through training courses 
  • Get forecast guidance and expert answers to your questions from our client-focused meteorologists. 

Film and commercial industries. 

Productions filmed in remote locations face elevated risks of lost time and money when weather changes unexpectedly. Detailed meteorology insights tailored to your locations and operational priorities can prevent waste and frustration. Our friendly, collaborative meteorologists support film crews with a daily weather watch service, drawing on high-quality data, technical expertise, and 15 years of experience forecasting in the prairies, remote mountain locations of Western Canada, and other territories. We help optimize your logistics, and alert you to weather concerns only when necessary – so you can focus on filming. If you need more detail or help with a complex question, get in touch for a briefing by phone or over the web.