Energy and Water Modeling

Prototyping design solutions for energy and water systems to optimize project cost and performance

Choices about energy and water are central to designing for sustainability. However, because so many factors and interactions are involved, the optimization required is complex. Without specialist support, predicting performance and costs can start to resemble a guessing game.

Solar panels outside office building

Our service

We take the guesswork out of designing energy and water systems by showing you how energy and water performance targets affect your project’s bottom line. First, we model your building’s energy or water “economy” in detail. Then we look at how that economy could be affected by climate, technology choices, occupant use and behavior, and other performance drivers.

With the model, we can rapidly prototype concepts or test performance within a certification framework. Such studies give you essential context and confidence for key decisions. They can also form part of a broader review of sustainable options.

Our goal is to help all parties—owners, designers, and operators—discover how to achieve outstanding real-world performance while finding the best balance between first costs and operating costs.

We understand that achieving this goal requires relationships and collaboration. We devote ourselves to you and your project, whatever its scale, taking ample time to interact, explain and listen.

As an independent consultant, we deliver high-powered analysis without the bias of a preferred design. All aspects of our work are grounded in specialist understanding of the fundamental science and engineering behind a building’s demands for energy and water. And our solutions are built from the unique circumstances of your project.

When a project targets the highest levels of performance, the local climate is absolutely the boss. As a world leader in climate-based solutions, we understand how to make the climate work for you. By applying our broad understanding of climate and predictive algorithms, we find solutions others might miss.