Daylight Modeling

Finding the optimal use of daylight for comfort, sustainability and profitability

Good natural light is key to creating projects that tenants love. A successfully daylit building has visually and thermally comfortable spaces that are pleasing to occupants and aligned with the intended program. Daylight can also be used as a passive strategy for saving energy. In a space correctly designed for daylight, users can turn off electric lights, reducing the building’s environmental footprint and operating costs.

However, allowing natural light into a space also means allowing the heat of solar gains. Great views command great prices—but sometimes cause equally great headaches for operations. A careful balance must be struck between the positive contributions of daylight and the negative effects of overheating, discomfort and visual glare.

natural light in building interior

Our service

Working within your criteria and goals, we use computer modeling to find a design path that balances the positive and negative attributes of daylight.

We can also pair daylight modeling with complementary studies of energy use, thermal comfort and glare. As world-leading experts on weather, we understand the full range of climate factors that will affect daylight and energy use in your building. This combined, holistic analysis produces optimal results.

We have the breadth and bandwidth to bring clarity to large early design decisions. We have the computing capabilities and experience to evaluate concepts quickly, allowing design teams to see the impacts of various options clearly. As an independent consultant, we serve as an advocate for the best information, apart from any preferred design.

We’ll help you answer questions like the following:

  • How can we get more natural light into this space?
  • How can we use the site’s natural advantages best?
  • Will we have too much light/glare/heat?
  • Why do our employees have to keep their blinds closed?

We answer such questions quantitatively. But then we go beyond numbers to present solutions that are thoughtfully integrated with your greater project narrative.