Consulting and Certifications

Redefining solutions for sustainable, high-performance buildings

With growing pressure to lower carbon footprints and comply with mandates, stakeholders and the public are looking for third-party verification of sustainable (“green”) construction and operation. Green building certifications are a great way to convey leadership. However, completing the process requires personnel, time and effort. In addition, technologies, strategies and expectations are changing rapidly. In this landscape, finding the best path to the desired performance can be challenging.

Sustainable building in city

Our service

We help you envision (or re-vision) your building from the viewpoint of sustainable design. Our approach to high performance goes beyond the pursuit of green-certification credits or points. We leverage our engineering skill to create buildings that are simply—better. We aim to create comfortable, environmentally responsible spaces while supporting your creative viewpoint and financial goals.


We have our eye on worldwide sustainability trends—and often set them: Staff members were among the earliest members of the U.S. Green Building Council. Our staff have certified more than 600 LEED projects, or more than 3% of all LEED projects globally. Our team’s experience includes working in every climate zone in the world, as well as serving on certification review and technical advisory boards.


We also bring a fresh perspective and inventive spirit to the mix. As a consultant who is independent of the core design team, we are in a position to challenge traditional design approaches, stir some healthy debate within the design team, and push for the best solution, not just the most familiar one.

Market-savvy and engineering-savvy

In finding solutions, we start from a good understanding of what makes sense for your building type, site and market. With world-leading expertise in both sustainability and engineering, we know how to make green design both feasible and profitable. Our portfolio includes new construction and existing buildings of every size and in nearly every market sector, including commercial office, retail, healthcare, data center, and multi-unit residential projects, as well as recreation and community centers and sports facilities.


Above all, we’re at the table as an ally. We’re consummate team players, and we make the process enjoyable and creative.