Improving privacy, comfort and performance by managing sound in the built environment

Good acoustics help create a usable and comfortable environment. Any space, system or activity can benefit from work to improve its acoustic character.

Interior space

Our service

We help make your project “sound right.” Our goal is to help create occupied environments that are comfortable for listening and free from distraction. Our work can also help you integrate your project into the surrounding community in the least obtrusive way.

The science behind our acoustics work can range from simple to quite complicated. Often the greatest value we provide is engineering judgment: applying the science in a practical way that you can use.

To back up our engineering judgment, we use various tools to calculate and evaluate how sound is generated or how it will propagate, reflect and transmit. These tools range from simple hand calculations, to spreadsheets, to detailed commercial modeling packages and sophisticated measurement technology. We further increase our confidence in these methods through field assessment, extensive project experience and references from all over the world. These reference sources include measured data, research papers, regulations, codes, publications, standards, textbooks and product literature.

Our acoustics group is one of the largest and most experienced in Canada, with a local presence in most major Canadian cities. Group members bring a broad range of educational and professional backgrounds to your project. Also, because we contribute to projects across all of RWDI’s engineering services, we have experience with many “atypical” issues. We bring an exceptionally broad perspective to our work and confidently tackle any acoustics challenge, large or small.