COVID-19: RWDI Safety Guidelines

COVID-19: Protocols & continuity planning

Last update: 11:10 AM EST on March 1st, 2022


About RWDI’s COVID-19 safety guidelines

The well-being and safety of our staff and clients are our top priority at RWDI.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have taken proactive and precautionary steps to protect our team, our clients and, by extension, your loved ones, and wider communities.

The purpose of this information is to keep you updated on our steps as an organization. It reflects our best knowledge at the time of posting (reflected in the timestamp) and will be continually reviewed and updated as necessary. This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for any official guidance provided by your official and local health authority.


RWDI’s COVID-19 safety guidelines

RWDI adheres to public health guidelines in each region around the world in which we work. We remain committed to the health and safety of our employees.

RWDI works with our clients to ensure our pandemic related protocols are aligned, just as we do with any health and safety protocol. 

Currently, all RWDI offices are open.

We have worked closely with ParticleOne to actively monitor infection and vaccination rates in our offices and in each region to analyze our risk level. In addition to following public health guidelines at each office location, we have also implemented additional precautions based on ParticleOne’s pathogen risk mitigation recommendations, focusing both on occupant dynamics (including office capacity, physical distancing, mask protocols, etc.) and building performance (cleaning protocols, ventilation, and air filtration, etc.).

Read more about how ParticleOne helps reduce COVID risk levels inside buildings with clear, science-based modeling, guidance, and solutions here.

We encourage all staff to adhere to applicable public health guidelines in their region when they are outside the office as well. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we all navigate these unprecedented times.