Climate Change Adaptation in Europe

Addressing Climate change in EUROPE

Make your climate resiliency priorities a reality

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The climate in Continental Europe - including Italy - is shifting.  With changes to temperature and precipitation, rising sea levels and decreasing permafrost, the impacts of climate change – on everything from agriculture to biodiversity to summer tourism to rising climate-related mortality rates - have never been more real, nor has the need to act been more urgent.

Resilient and sustainable design can help mitigate many of these impacts.  Across the EU, there is a move towards an investment in solutions – like renewable energy - and development that address a changed climate.  From the European Union Adaptation Strategy to the European Green Deal, countries, municipalities, and organizations are exploring practical ways to reduce climate-risk and increase climate protection. 

See how RWDI is operating in a changed climate.

Adaptation Strategies

Urban Planning

As Europe seeks to invest in sustainable urban regeneration, there is increasing demand for innovative, carbon-free and resilient urban projects.

Municipalities and developers alike are striving to identify and deliver projects that contribute to vibrant community development, while also addressing energy demand, renewable energy strategies, public transit, water and other sustainability measures.

Our integrated team of in-house specialists will deliver the scientific data and engineering judgment you need – quickly and early in the design process - to create a resilient, climate-responsive plan.

Transportation Hubs

Changing climate conditions – such as increased summer temperatures and more extreme precipitation events – will have significant impact on transit systems in the region.  These changing weather conditions can accelerate the deterioration of the infrastructure’s lifespan resulting in an increased chance of damage as well as transportation disruptions. 

We help transit leaders mitigate these risks by increasing the quality and performance of their stations and hubs, while also enhancing the safety and comfort for passengers and staff. 

Renewable Energy

Solar Energy systems

Mitigation Strategies

Support and guidance for sustainability standards and methodologies such as LEED, BREEAM, SITES, WELL, and ITACA.

Extreme Weather Forecasting

All weather data is not created equal.

To address a changing climate - specifically one where extreme weather events like wind and rain events are increasing in both frequency and severity - you need quality, targeted insights.  Data delivered at the right time in the planning or building process, can help you make effective decisions about weather-related delays, costs, and risks.  If you are looking to identify mitigation strategies, minimize operational delays, or increase safety and efficiency, we can help you achieve your objectives.

When weather means money, RWDI can help you make the best decision for your bottom line.