Aerodynamic form optimization - Cycling

Shaping wind-friendly forms for championship performance

Elite athletes need more than superior skills and flawless execution. In a wide range of sports, from cycling to kayaking to alpine skiing, aerodynamics is gold. Small tweaks to aerodynamic form—of either the athlete or the equipment—can provide the championship edge. 

cyclist on stationary bike in wind tunnel

Manufacturers of Bikes and Apparel

Contact RWDI to evaluate and improve the aerodynamic performance of your product. We will evaluate current performance, suggest improvements and then verify by testing in our wind tunnels. 


Contact RWDI to determine how your body positioning and equipment affect aerodynamic drag. RWDI can fine-tune equipment so that it works for each athlete. At competition venues, RWDI  can  help athletes and  teams understand how typical wind patterns in the venue may affect your performance.

2 engineers observe cyclist on bike rig.

We’re world specialists in the demanding field of bluff body aerodynamics. RWDI understands the physics of air flow around bikes and athletes.  We developed and honed our skills by working on the world's tallest and most iconic buildings - the Shanghai Tower and the and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

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