Advanced engineering for outstanding facilities 

Our specialized expertise and advanced technical capabilities let us deliver valuable guidance to airport designers and operators – in areas ranging from wind loading to air quality, noise and glare. We’ve helped airports around the world ensure safe operations and set new standards of sustainability and performance.

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Airports are working hard to meet growing demand for air travel while operating sustainably and being good neighbors. RWDI’s unique combination of science, technology and engineering capabilities helps operators anticipate challenges and optimize facilities – whether they’re building a new airport, or adding capacity at an existing one. 

We’ve worked with planners, designers and fellow engineers around the world to study potential noise and air quality impacts and recommend mitigation plans; estimate greenhouse gas emissions; refine planned runway alignments; configure facilities to optimize throughput while minimizing local impact; adapt terminal buildings and airside operations for the local microclimate; and generate detailed profiles of turbulence patterns on specific approach and departure routes.

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Airports fulfill unique and complex operational functions. And with their sheer scale and symbolic importance to the cities and countries they represent, they also invite bold architectural visions. We deliver advanced technical insights that help airports perform beautifully in their core functions, live up to their designers’ aesthetic ambitions, and fulfill their operators’ regulatory responsibilities and sustainability goals.

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Our team helps airports deliver safety, comfort and efficiency for passengers – while enhancing their own sustainability and bottom line. Whether the goal is to optimize conditions inside a terminal building, mitigate noise and vibration for neighbors, or inform airside decisions with the best available climate analysis and weather information, we have the right mix of capabilities. Operators around the world trust our team’s deep expertise as well as our unique technical tools, renowned culture of collaboration and our relentless drive to innovate.

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