A sustainable company

RWDI's Corporate Plan for a Sustainable Future

There is currently no greater or more complex challenge facing humanity than climate change, particularly at the intersection between the natural and built environments.

As a global leader in climate engineering and consulting – with capabilities in corporate sustainability, sustainable buildings, climate change consulting, and environmental engineering – RWDI has the unique ability to support our clients’ ambitious sustainability goals while reducing our own environmental impact.

Our 2022 Corporate Environmental Sustainability Plan builds on our past promises, experience, expertise, and success in the sustainability space. It outlines the specific and critical actions we will undertake over the upcoming year to expand our sustainability efforts and achieve our corporate sustainability priorities.

Responsible Environmental Practices

We will identify and manage the environmental impacts of our own business to protect the environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and prevent other forms of pollution.

Environmental policies, business waste, water efficiency, LEED certification, travel policy, bike racks, carbon offsets, wind tunnel metering


One of the most significant business impacts on the environment is the carbon dioxide emissions generated from travel. In response, we have created a new internal ‘carbon reduction’ fund to reduce our travel-related carbon footprint. 


We will incorporate sustainable travel options into our existing RWDI policies, including car rental and purchase policies.


We will develop and implement policies designed to reduce our waste including those linked to paper, single-use plastics, e-waste and furniture, and model shop supplies.


We will build wind tunnel measuring systems to help accurately track our resource utilization as we strive to increase operational efficiency. 


Beginning with our Guelph Headquarters, we will upgrade our plumbing fixtures/fittings to meet U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) criteria for high efficiency water use.


We will install bike racks in our Trivandrum and Milton Keynes offices to support low emission transportation and promote employee wellness. 


In FY22, RWDI will apply for LEED® certification for our Guelph Headquarters. In our rented facilities, we will encourage landlords to implement similar changes.

Passionate People

We will engage our staff in achieving our mission of “profiting the planet.” Led by our local Sustainability Representatives appointed in each of our offices, we will identify opportunities for increased awareness and active participation for all staff to help achieve office sustainability goals.

“Our sustainability champions are tasked with delivering local solutions. Solutions that build on the passion of their colleagues and address the unique sustainability challenges of their local communities and offices.”

Community Support

Corporate Social Responsibility has always been central to RWDI’s corporate culture. Over the years, both our firm and our people have donated time and resources to great charitable organizations. In FY21, we expanded on this legacy of giving with our formal RWDI GIVES program, a voluntary employee donation program wherein RWDI matches donations made by our employees. Through RWDI GIVES, we support non-profit organizations – selected by our employees - whose core mission is to protect the environment, promote the sustainable use of ecosystems, and strive to reduce the loss of biodiversity. 

team planting trees

Future Focused

With a focus on energy, water, emissions, and waste, our FY22 Corporate Environmental Sustainability Plan outlines the next step in our environmental commitments, as we set concrete and aspirational sustainability goals for our firm. 

As an organization, we will review this plan annually, drive for increasingly ambitious environmental goals, and celebrate the successes of our firm, our colleagues, and our clients as we work together to achieve a more sustainable future.

Download our full  2022 Corporate Environmental Sustainability Plan here.