Celebrating 50 Years of Engineering

From small-town beginnings to the world’s most iconic projects

“We’d never done anything like it before.”

These words would be repeated again and again over the course of RWDI’s 50-year history. After all, that is what innovation sounds like. Trying something that has never been done before. Tackling challenges that have never been solved. Creating solutions for the built environment that have only been imagined.
RWDI founder

Over the past 50 years, RWDI has established a trusted reputation for deep knowledge and sophisticated technology solutions thanks to our people: some of the most innovative thinkers and collaborative problem-solvers the engineering industry has to offer. What started as a niche Canadian microclimate and wind engineering company 50 years ago, has transformed into an internationally recognized building performance, climate, and environmental engineering firm. Now in our 50th year, we are excited to look back at just a few of the iconic projects and moments that shaped our story.

See how – through trusted client partnerships and the ingenuity of our staff – we have helped make engineering history.

Explore our commemorative 50th Anniversary interactive eBook below. 

RWDI 50th Anniversary Interactive Book
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