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The WELL Building Standard – An emerging paradigm of building performance

WELL Building Standard ® (WELL) – An emerging paradigm of Building Performance.

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Justin Downey
Technical Director | Principal
+1.403.232.6771 x6280
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October 03, 2017
12:00 PM, San Francisco (GMT-7)
60 min


While varying shades of “green” building have become commonplace in the design and construction industry, a new trend toward a people-centric design standard is emerging. The WELL Building Standard, like LEED, is a third-party performance standard developed to spur market transformation. WELL’s focus is internal to the building occupancy and is developed to emphasize seven key indicators of occupant health: air, water, light, nourishment, fitness, comfort and mind. 

This webinar will review key tenets of the WELL standard, which is developed by Delos based on current industry understanding of human health and well-being. It includes a discussion of key challenges to the standard’s implementation, such as criteria, interpretation, certification process, and place in the market.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the basics of the WELL Building Standard.
  2. Understand the key challenges the WELL standard imposes relative to current best practices.
  3. Learn about four key architectural variables that should be considered.
  4. Gain an understanding of how the WELL standard relates to other building certification products.

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