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Resilient Design - a new paradigm in the high performance building movement

Resilient Design - a new paradigm in the high performance building movement 

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Duncan Phillips
Senior Consultant | Principal
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May 04, 2017
12:00 PM, Vancouver (GMT-7)
60 min


Since the 1970’s we have seen a global 5 fold increase in the number of catastrophic weather events and a 20 fold increase in annual insured disaster claims. In Canada alone insurance claims resulting from extreme weather events have exceed a billion dollars each year for the past 5-years, totaling $8.25 billion over that time period. The June 2013 floods in Calgary, Alberta alone resulted in insurance claims exceeding $1.7 Billion (preliminary). Are you ready?

Since our inception in 1972 RWDI has been a leader in the development of advanced technics to understand and model the climate and have worked on all 7 continents and every climate zone to development climate responsive, resilient design solutions.

In this session we will be sharing, through examples of our work, methods and means: to understand climate; develop resilient passive architectural solutions; design for wind, snow and rain; and the benefits of a low energy building in our every changing climate.

Learning Objectives:

  1. What is resilient design?
  2. What key changes in weather patterns do built assets need to begin to consider.
  3. What are 4 key architectural variables to consider?
  4. What 2 variables does a low energy design help to de-risk?

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